OCC Covid Response Update
November 20, 2020
In an effort to help limit the spread of covid we are making the following adjustments to our on-campus programming until further notice:
  • Continue on-campus main service in auditorium at normal times, 9:30 am and 11:00 am (No gathering in lobby, face masks required when entering and exiting, strongly encouraged at seats).
  • Pause all on-campus Family Ministry programming (Nursery, Kids, Students).

Our ONLINE programming and resources continue to be available at Facebook, YouTube, okolonacc.org and live.okolonacc.org.

Tips for engaging with online services:

  • Plan ahead for which service you’ll watch and be intentional about it.
  • Ensure you have good connectivity, and the volume is up. If possible, connect to a TV/home entertainment system.
  • Have emblems prepared for communion.
  • Participate in the “chat”.
  • It may be weird but sing along! This is where turning up the volume can help.
  • Don’t try to multi-task. Give this your full attention.