OCC Covid Update
Masking Guidelines
Adult and Student Services/Classes
In general masking indoors at OCC is welcomed and encouraged as a way to limit the spread of Covid-19.
Masking indoors is not required but highly recommended under the following circumstances.
  • Individuals who are not vaccinated.
  • Individuals vaccinated and unvaccinated, who have knowingly been in prolonged close contact with someone who has tested positive.

Kids Services/Classes

  • Nursery and preschool age kids are not required to wear a mask. Masks are welcome at parent’s discretion.
  • Elementary age kids (K-5) and all OCC Kids volunteers will be required to wear masks in the Kids Wing beginning this Sunday, August 15 through September 5, at which point circumstances will be assessed. We believe this is the best route to take to protect our kids while allowing programming to continue uninterrupted.

General Guidelines and Best Practices – All Ages

  • Stay home if running a fever or showing any symptoms.
  • Wash hands thoroughly and regularly.
  • Avoid unnecessary close contact.
Regarding the OCC Campus and Sanitation….
Beginning August 22, we will be using a fogging machine to sanitize our large group gathering spaces after each service. The machine dispenses a very safe and effective water-based mist that quickly dries. Please help us by clearing these spaces immediately after services and not entering until the doors are open.