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Thank you for your interest in nominating someone for the “Dollar Project.” As you can imagine, the number of requests received each month is simply overwhelming. There are so many people in need, which means there are many opportunities for all of us to be the hands and feet of Jesus in someone else’s life. The following application is required for consideration by the Dollar Project. Please complete all questions as indicated below and click the "submit" button. Please note, if you have already submitted information and are receiving this application to fill out, you need to re-submit that information with this application.

Following receipt of your application, you will not be contacted again unless additional information is needed to process the application.

We respectfully ask you not to contact anyone on our staff regarding the decision-making process or status of your request. In general, those whose requests are chosen by the committee will be contacted within two weeks. If you don’t hear back from us within that time period, it is likely that we’ve been led to assist another candidate.

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Spouse's Frist Name. (This Needs to be their Legal Name)

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Please know that this does not affect the decision for receiving Dollar Project funds.

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Nominee Contact Information

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Provide specifics about amounts owed, to whom it's owed, etc. The more information provided, the better we will be able to understand the need.

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Provide specifics as possible in describing the overall situation that has caused the nominee to be in their current financial state.

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