May 21 – July 2, 2023
7 Sermons
My mom taught students with severe mental and physical limitations. Several of her students were deaf, so she learned to communicate with them through sign language. During the time of Jesus, many people had developed a spiritual deafness to the voice of God. So, Jesus not only spoke His message, He also performed miraculous signs among the people — a form of supernatural sign language. But what do those miracles Jesus performed 2000 years ago mean for us today? Is God still speaking? Is He still moving? Are we listening? Are we looking? Or have we grown numb to His voice and blind to His activity? In our next mini-series, Sign Language (part of 52: The Pursuit of Jesus) we will learn to understand God’s miraculous signs.
MESSAGE: 52: Sign Language – Is Jesus Impressed With Me?
DATE: May 21, 2023