As followers of Jesus, we surrender to Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to shape us. And as the Holy Spirit does his transformative work in our lives, we develop a Biblical worldview, allowing God’s Word to be the primary filter for our decisions. So as the election draws near, let me encourage you to vote. Vote not because it’s your right as a U.S. citizen, but because it’s your responsibility as a citizen of the eternal Kingdom to do your part to look out for the common good of those around you. One way we do that it is by allowing our political perspective to be shaped more by God’s Word than by our favorite news channel. 
May we seek to be as informed as possible about the issues, that we will vote according to a Biblical worldview, and that we will remember that regardless of the outcome of this election, King Jesus is still on His throne.
Here are 10 articles for helping you explore the church and politics.  Click title to view.
  1. Christians & Politics by Paul Huyghebaert
  2. A Four-Word Solution to Reach a Divided Nation by Bobby Harrington & Daniel McCoy
  3. Carrying a Cross Through Political Crossfire by Jonathan Storment
  4. Can We Be a Unified Church in a Divided World? by Marcos Mercado
  5. How Then Should We Live? Models of Christian Engagement of Culture by Chad Ragsdale
  6. Is Christian Nationalism Faithfulness? by Daniel McCoy
  7. Ditches to Avoid by Bob Russell, interviewed by Brett Seybold
  8. Church, You Can’t Lose on Tuesday by Daniel McCoy
  9. Politics Is the New Religion by Bobby Harrington & Paul Huyghebaert
  10. Will a Heated Election Melt Your Church? by Daniel McCoy

For various Christian takes on the specific issues.  Click title to view.