Move My Gift
Step by Step Instructions for Transitioning to OCC’s New Online Giving Platform
Click this link to get started.  It will open in a separate window.
STEP 1:  Click “Sign-Up” Button
STEP 2:  Fill in your first/last name and email. This example shows Log In with Password.
This example shows using Log In with Phone. You must enter your mobile number.
STEP 3:  Now you will enter the code received on your mobile phone.

STEP 4:  On this screen you will:

  1. Enter the amount you want to give
  2. Choose whether it is a One Time or Recurring gift
STEP 5:  Choose how often you want your gift to process. At the bottom of the screen, you can pick the date you want your recurring gift to begin.
STEP 6:  Choose the fund you are giving to

STEP 7:  Choose your giving method—Bank Account or Credit Card and enter required information for payment. When you entered the amount you are giving, a box appeared at the bottom of the screen that shows the processing fee. This will change depending on whether you are giving by Bank Account or by Credit/Debit.

Example:  $50 By Bank (processing fee $.57)
Example:  By Credit/Debit $50  (processing fee $1.23)
STEP 8:  Complete your contact information. Note: “Organization” is applicable if you are giving through your business.
STEP 9:  Then use the drop down to indicate when your One Time or Recurring payment should begin.

STEP 10:  And click the “Make Gift” ribbon at the bottom to finish.