We have a mission to take unflinching risks for those separated from Christ and show them the undeniable acts of love and compassion of Jesus. To extend our reach we support a number of international ministries and missionaries in a variety of locations. Below is a list of those people and ministries and what each of them focuses on. 
Global Church Growth
Missionaries are providing Discipleship training to churches and ministry leaders in Cuba, Poland, Italy, The United States and many other countries.
Kagoshima Christian Mission
Missionaries serving in Japan for over thirty years, ministering to churches, training Christian leaders, and reaching the lost through universities and prison ministries. 
International Mission Fund
Missionaries continue to grow and encourage existing churches as well as training Christian workers and planting new churches in South Africa.
Christ Reaching Asia Mission
This mission is primarily focusing on countries in Asia where the Gospel cannot be openly preached. 

The missionaries use feeding programs, an orphanage, a home for the disabled and other ministries to develop relationships that lead to the spreading of the Gospel. 
Learn more about CRAM by visiting them at cramwinc.org.
Team Expansion
The goal of this mission is to reach the unreached and make disciples.  OCC currently supports one of our members who oversees the prayer and administrative work.  Additionally, we support a missionary located in Southeast Asia through a project called Gateway. To learn more go to teamexpansion.org.
English Language Institute
We currently support an OCC member who is teaching English as a way to open the door to the Gospel with this organization in the Middle East.
Lifeline Christian Mission
Over the past few years, OCC has developed a strong relationship with the people of Honduras through various Mission Teams, our meal-packing program, and working with the local leadership there. To learn more go to lifeline.org.