It can be intimidating or overwhelming to know where to start connecting with God. You are not alone! James 4:8 promises that if you “come close to God, God will come close to you.” Start by setting aside a place and time where you can regularly turn your attention toward God. Talk to God honestly – breathe deeply and know that you are loved. Keep showing up!
  • Find a Bible you can understand. (We recommend the New Living Translation. Let us know if you need a Bible!)
  • Find a reading plan (Use the Bible app, choose a book of the bible like John, Acts, or Philippians).
  • After you read, ask yourself these questions:
    What does it say? (Paraphrase it using your own words)
    What does it mean? (What was happening in the passage and what did it mean for the people who first read/heard it? How does this impact you today?)
    What am I going to do? (What specific application will you make today? What might God want you to do/how might he want you to respond?)
    Where do I find myself in the story? (Pause and reflect, talk to God about what He has spoken in this passage)

Some additional resources that will help you get started reading the Bible:



Pray privately – get away from distractions, be alone with God.
Pray regularly – you can pray anywhere & anytime, but it’s helpful to have a regular time and place set aside to be quiet and be with God intentionally.
Pray genuinely – we don’t have to impress God! Just talk to Him honestly.

Some additional resources that will help you get started praying:

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