January 8 – February 5, 2023
5 Sermons
I’ve appreciated the “Origin” stories that have come out of Hollywood in recent years. Lots of questions are answered when the background of a character is revealed. Where did she come from? What was his childhood like? How did this person become the person we know him/her to be? While most of the Hollywood origin stories focus on fictitious superheroes and supervillains, I’m always reminded that everyone has a backstory. Everyone had a childhood. Everyone has an origin story.
Have you ever wondered about Jesus’ origin story? Where did He come from? What was His family like? What was Jesus like as a kid? And what difference does any of it make for us? What if Jesus’ story contains something significant for us in the “here-and-now?” Maybe you are like many other people, hopeful for some new opportunities and new beginnings in the new year. If you want to make your 2023 the best it can be, I encourage you to join us for our new series, A New Year, A New Beginning, as we discover the impact that the beginning of Jesus’ life can have on our lives right now.
MESSAGE: 52: New Year, New Beginning – Did Jesus know He was God?
SPEAKER: Mark Ledford
DATE: February 5, 2023
MESSAGE: 52: New Year, New Beginning – Does God play favorites?
DATE: January 29, 2023
MESSAGE: 52: New Year, New Beginning – Can God use me for big things?
DATE: January 22, 2023
MESSAGE: 52: New Year, New Beginning – Is life random?
DATE: January 15, 2023
MESSAGE: 52: New Year, New Beginning – Is Jesus God?
DATE: January 8, 2023