Training Camp
September 3 – October 1, 2023
5 Sermons
The school year began a few weeks ago, so fall sports are in full swing for my high school children. Lydia is playing volleyball and Ethan is playing football. But before their teams ever faced off against an opponent, their seasons began with training camp. It was especially intense for the football players. It was sun up to sun down for an entire week…in the grueling heat, learning plays, running drills, scrimmaging against one another, and analyzing film.
Why so much effort? If the team doesn’t function well, if the players don’t know their responsibilities, if they haven’t learned to listen to the coach’s voice and follow his instructions, then their success during the games will be limited.
Jesus knew that training His followers well was critical for the accomplishment of the mission. If they didn’t work well together, accept responsibility for the mission, and follow His instruction, then the enemy would frustrate their efforts and mission success would elude them. So, Jesus trained His disciples in the way of faithful living and trained them to live on mission.
MESSAGE: 52: Training Camp – What’s Worth Worrying About?
SPEAKER: Mark Ledford
DATE: October 1, 2023
MESSAGE: 52: Training Camp – Who Do You Say Jesus Is?
DATE: September 24, 2023
MESSAGE: 52: Training Camp – What Makes You A Good Person?
DATE: September 17, 2023
MESSAGE: 52: Training Camp – Do You Ever Doubt Your Doubts?
DATE: September 10, 2023
MESSAGE: 52: Training Camp – How Can We Share Our Faith Effectively?
DATE: September 3, 2023