The Better Life: Better Things – A Better Hope & Covenant

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Every day we are bombarded with ads and commercials and clickbait. Companies work hard to convince us that purchasing their product is the key to experiencing the “good life.” We are promised that if we drive the right car, use the right deodorant, read the right books, invest with the right bank, listen to the right music, use the right workout program, that we will be on the road to the good life, en route to achieving the American Dream. But is that really the marker of a good life? Many people seem exhausted, frustrated, and disappointed with the never-ending pursuit of the American Dream? When does it end? When do we finally arrive at the good part?
In John 10.10. Jesus stated his purpose in coming to this world: “I have come that you may have a full, abundant, and joy-filled life. That sounds refreshing, fulfilling, and satisfying. That seems like a better option, a better life. For the next several weeks we will journey through the book of Hebrews to find the better life that Jesus offers us.